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Your local phone number in NYC, London, and 100 other destinations, forwarded to your Skype, wherever in the world you are, for FREE.


How can I collaborate with Ring2Me.com? in order to help us and to keep this service existing help spread this message.

Let your firends know about it by put our URL www.ring2me.com in your Skype and MSN or put our logo in your photo of your Facebook, MSN or Skype or your blog.

Finally you could propose us with new initiatiatives on how to spread the voice on our service, or be seding us your own logos,etc..

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14/02/2011 From: patricia
he configurado 2 numeros uno en orlando y otro en florida y ninguno funciona. la maquina dice: no podemos conectarle en este momento, por favor trate despues. que esta sucediendo?
Hola Patricia, lo que sucede cuando dice que no lo puede conectar en este momento es porque todos los canales estan ocupados. Significa que toda nuestra capacidad esta tomada. En estos momentos podemos manejar un cierto numero de llamadas al mismo momento que esperamos ampliar en estos dias. Lamentablemente todo esto cuesta dinero y el nivel de inversion que podemos realizar a veces va mas lento que el aumento de usuarios. De todos formas les pido a todos que nos mantengan informados de estos problemas asi saber cuando aumentar la capacidad nuevamente.
14/02/2011 From: rago
solo para agradecer el excelente servicio y pedirles que si es posible que agregen numeros de cuernavaca mexico por favor
Hola, Gracias por las felicitaciones.
Lamentablemente no disponemos de numeros en cuernavaca, ni bien tengamos los ponemos. Igualmente les prometo que manana pondre mas numeros de ciudades de mexico.
13/02/2011 From: alberto
to whom ever this concerns,
the ring 2 skype skype user is offline and I cannot bring back online. what is going on with this user and when can we expect it to return?
also, is there something we can try to make it return online?
Should be online now, please let me know if its not working now.
Thanks, Andres
21/01/2011 From: alex martinez
que paso con venezuela porque ya no aparece en la lista?
Gracias, excelente servicio.
se nos acabaron los numeros en Venezuela.
Sorry. Esperemos conseguir nuevos pronto.
21/01/2011 From: Andres
Dear friends,
Happy 2011 to everyone!!!
We at ring2skype are very happy to begin a new year with a community which is on the verge of 150.000 users. The success of this service has surpassed our expectations and we are sure we are taking the right decisions.
For 2011 we dont expect big changes but some improvements to our system.
As you may have noticed we have increased the amount of channels therefore it is much more unlikely that the number will be busy or the call will not connect.
There are some areas of the world (ie. Pakistan) were the numbers do not work as efficiently as they should, but it is not our responsibility but the local provider of the number.
Also we received many requests to translate the welcome message into the local language which is something we will be accomplishing soon.

Once again, I would like to thank you for your support and look forward to improving our service even more.


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